The prophets. #2of series. Noah.

Acording to the hebrew calender and Bible  Geneology,   Noah was born in the year 2970 B.C.E.  (Before our Common Era )  Another way of saying 2970 years after Adam  was created, and 126 years after Adams Death. Noah’s direct  famliy line , leads directly to Lamech his Father. Lamech under inspiration from God , Prophesied “This one will bring us comfort from our work and from the pain  of our hands resulting from the ground which YHWH has cursed.” Genesis 5:28-31. The people of Noah’s time had become violent, degenerate, and had abandoned their human nature , for animalistic behavior. Still YHWH. Commissioned Noah to become a Preacher  of Righteousness.  Noah also was a man that walked with God . God said Noah was faultless amoung his contemporaries.  We all know about Noah and his wife their 3 sons and their wives.  And of course building the ark and saving the animals.  But in this post his prophesies are my theme…  Noah warned people about the flood  ( no one listened) Noah’s family survived the flood. He also told people God had decided to  destroy the unrepentant , Noah and his family Built the Ark and warned the people for decades before the flood.  God had done his part,, Noah and his family had done their part. We know the result.  agape love. Terrty


Author: terryrel

Bible student for 57 years ...the words of jesus are needed more then ever before (in my 70 years )no interpretation by men needed , the words of JESUS are the simple truth !. MINISTER OF THE BIBLE 57 years. Knowledgeable in Biblical Hebrew & Greek. Pictographs, paleohebrew .modern Hebrew, presently translating Book of Isaiah ( Dead SeaScroll ), in paleo and pictographic script.

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